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BethanyOwen: PR

SHOW DESCRIPTION - March 1, 2012

Multitalented impressionist Bethany Owen embodies some of the most famous women in history in One Voice, her unique and value-packed show at The Rio.

Owen uncannily captures the voice, look, and mannerisms of some of the biggest female stars from the world of music, film, television, and comedy.

The incredibly talented star makes dozens of costume changes over the course of her intimate 90 minute show as she embodies classic and contemporary musical icons such as Cher, Madonna, Tina Turner, Macy Gray, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Patsy Cline, Ella Fitzgerald, and Alanis Morrisette, screen legends like Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, hilarious comediennes like Joan Rivers and Minnie Pearl, whacky reality stars like Sharon Osborne, and countless others.

It's not that just that Owen perfectly mimics the voices of the famous ladies she impersonates… she becomes them, taking on their mannerisms and body language, wearing the costumes that made them famous, and recreating the special charisma that made them iconic stars in the first place. Your jaw will be on the floor as you witness one woman effortlessly step into the roles of dozens of your favorite contemporary and classic female stars. The hard working Owen combines her singing, dancing, and comedic chops into one show like no other in town.

One Voice Starring Bethany Owen at The Rio is an intimate tribute show experience in which one extremely talented performer stunningly embodies some of the greatest female stars from the world of music, film, television, and comedy.

Owen's impressions are so vivid and true to their sources that you'll swear you're witnessing all of the real icons on stage in a loving yet hilarious homage to some of the most famous ladies of all time.

The Woman of 1001 Voices & Faces - Bethany Owen - October 6, 2011

Reprinted from Lake Tahoe Entertainer -

Entering stage left, wreathed in red lights, the blonde bombshell seductively takes the stage at the Horizon Casino in the Golden Cabaret Showroom as Marilyn Monroe and breaks into "Diamonds Area Girl's Best Friend." Bethany Owen imbues Marilyn Monroe and hundreds of other notorious singers, comedians and
celebrities—from Minnie Pearl to Shania Twain, Hillary Clinton to Sarah Palin and Katie Couric, Joan Rivers, Madonna and Cher —with a wit that's both slightly cutting and affectionate.

The Huntington Beach, CA-based impressionist has become the world's most prolific female in this male dominated field by combining spot on recreations of celebs' vocal tics and facial expressions with lyrics and
humorous bits that cleverly spoof the originals' personas. Check the segment with Martha Stewart singing "Jailhouse Rock" for hilarious proof.

Owen's been playing her "One Voice" one-woman show—with crucial support by husband/director/producer
Jim Whirlow—at the Horizon Casino Resort – Lake Tahoe since opening in May 2010, making it a 15 month run to date.

Over the past 8 years since the conception and premier opening of the show at the legendary Cinegrill Cabaret on Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA - “One Voice” has toured out of the Los Angeles
area to some far off distance places such as Hawaii, Germany, Canuan Island in the South Caribbean, Aruba, India and everything in-between around the US and Canada. As an example, when not touring, Owen will do commercial LA voice-over TV and radio projects, specialty celebrity voices for companies
like IGT in recording character voices for their newest electronic casino gaming slot machines, to voice-over work for shows like MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, their hit celebrity claymation TV show or live interview appearances on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But it's her stage show "One Voice" that most impressively demonstrates Owen's staggering range.
She typically inhabits 50 characters during a 90-minute performance, while doing all of her own costume and wig changes onstage. A whirlwind of musical theater, comedy and dance, "One Voice" is an impressive
spectacle that appeals to many demographics. It's the culmination of this Orange County woman's indefatigable ambition to capture a unique niche in show business—a destiny she claims to have desired since she was 3.

A lithe, long-limbed redhead, Owen started taking ballet lessons at age 6 while living in Seattle. At 14, she studied under famed flamenco dancer José Greco and then entered the Orange County Ballet Theater in Fullerton at 15.

But at age 17 Owen was forced to forgo the rigors of serious dancing based on an injury, so she redirected her energies to music, joining a popular show band that often played in Las Vegas, who needed
a choreographer and singer, then onto developing her unique talents to mimic the human voice.

But Owen hesitated to fully exploit her talent for mimicry. "I would try to make my living in other ways, but
audiences liked it and ultimately I would get booked into places because I had this piece in my act where I would do these imitations," she says. "After awhile, I began to realize that this is what I'm here for.

This is something that not everybody can do, and people like it. So I'm going to give them what they like!”

Owen’s impressions are pegged on comedy, but the talent which is displayed is serious business.

And the crowd can sense it when Owen sings as Patsy Cline, Judy Garland or Loretta Lynne.

In her classic ankle-length Loretta-style country dress, Bethany Owen sings “Coal Miner’s Daughter” with an almost-eerie resemblance to the legendary country music queen.

This element of being able to capture the emotion in every character Owen brings to the stage is this reason for the on-going extension of ‘ONE VOICE” at the Horizon Casino Resort.

So catch this two-time winner for “Best Female Voice Impressionist” – Las Vegas NV, in her award winning, one-woman show "ONE VOICE" performing at the Horizon Casino Golden Cabaret Showroom and take a look at the zany and fun side of celebrity personalities through the use of comedic parody and musical
vocal tributes to some of the world's most legendary female superstars of our time - and with almost 400 voice impressions in Owen's roster, you'll never know who might show up next?

“ONE VOICE” starring Voice Impressionist, Bethany Owen performs every Friday through Tuesday at 8 p.m.
in the Golden Cabaret Showroom inside the Horizon casino Resort. General $34 / Teen $17 (Senior and Group discounts

BETHANY OWEN TO APPEAR - February 17, 2008

Vol. 2, Issue 3 | February 15, 2008 – 11

by Cindy Geesey

Back by popular demand after a sold out show and a standing ovation last year is
“The Woman of 1001 Voices and Faces.” The LBTS Performing Arts Center will bring
this 90 minute one-woman show of music, comedy and voice impressions to Jarvis
Hall for one show only on Saturday, March 1 at 8:00 p.m. Bethany amazes and
amuses the audience with a look at the zany and fun side of celebrity personalities
through song and comedic vocal parody. She is one of a handful of female voice
impressionists working in the entertainment industry today with a complete theatrical
stage production show. She performs to packed houses and standing ovation
audiences across the country, and this will be her third visit to LBTS.
Owen’s roster of over 300 voice impressions reads like a Who’s Who at a female Hollywood
Oscar party. You’ll hear pop divas like Cher, Madonna, and Tina Turner to
classic performers like Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland. “Appearances”
will be made by comedy legends like Joan Rivers and by country music
superstars such as Patsy Kline, Tammy Wynette, Reba McEntire and Shania Twain.
Martha Stewart and Sharon Osbourne may even show up. Dolly Parton once said,
“Bethany does my voice better than I do.”
According to Performing Arts Center Executive Director Vincent Ragusa,
“This was our most popular show last year and we’re delighted to
bring her back for our residents and visitors to enjoy.” For ticket
information, call 954-938-5312.

ByTheSeaFuture, Inc.
4737 N Ocean Drive, Suite #139
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308
1-888-771-LBTS (5287)

Voice Impressionist Bethany Owen travels eight thousand miles for ninety minutes a night - September 22, 2007

News Released: September 21, 2007

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA September 21, 2007 Entertainment: Performing Arts News

PRLEAP.COM) JRW Group Entertainment, Huntington Beach CA. announces the joint venture with McKinsey and Company International, London England to sponsor Bethany Owen and her one-woman show on her first International production show tour.

A resident of Huntington Beach, CA., Bethany Owen takes a look at the zany and fun side of celebrity personalities through the use of singing and comedic vocal parody, while combining it with her amazing talent to mimic the human voice. She is one of a handful of FEMALE voice impressionists working in the entertainment industry today with a complete theatrical stage production show, as she performs to packed audiences and standing ovations night after night across the country

Owen’s roster of voice impressions reads like a who’s-who at a female Hollywood Oscar celebration event consisting of well over 300 voices. Which is why people like Brian De Palma, Dolly Parton, Sid and Marty Krofft, MTV, MAD-TV and Fortune 500 companies have sought her out for use in Motion Pictures, Audio Recordings and/or Television productions.

In one evening’s performance of “One Voice” you’ll experience pop divas like Cher, Madonna and Tina Turner, to classic performers such as Marilyn Monroe, Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland, to comedic legends like Joan Rivers and Minnie Pearl, tributes to country-music superstars like Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Reba McEntire and Shania Twain, to legendary women of Jazz like Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee and Lena Horne - maybe even a little Martha Stewart, Sharon Osbourne, Macy Gray or Alanis Morisette. Whoever it is, Bethany always delivers a jam packed evening of laughs, magic and entertainment that always leaves audiences on their feet wanting more.

Bethany Owen received the award for “Best Female Voice Impressionist” in 2005 and 2006 presented to her at the Stardust Casino, Las Vegas, NV by the IGCITA (International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators and Tribute Artists).

Legendary Country Superstar, DOLLY PARTON has been quoted to say that “Bethany does my voice better than I do my own.”

One Voice” is directed by screen and theatrical stage producer Jim Whirlow, who has taken the show across the country playing stages from LA to Las Vegas, New York, Miami and the Caribbean. He’s now set for Owen’s international audience debut in India.

“ONE VOICE” starring BETHANY OWEN is a one of a kind theatrical event blending comedy, music and pure entertainment for all ages and is a unique and fascinating journey into the world of an extraordinary and magical vocal entertainer.

High-resolution promotional images are available by contacting
JRW Group Entertainment / (714) 968-7907 or email at

Also on the web at:
Contact Information
Jim Whirlow
JRW Group Entertainment
Email JRW Group Entertainment
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OC Pavilion Welcomes Bethany Owen Top Female Voice Impressionist - August 1, 2007

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA July 09, 2007 Entertainment: Performing Arts News (PRLEAP.COM) The world class OC Pavilion ( is pleased to welcome Bethany Owen, performing “ONE VOICE” in the main stage theatre on August 10, 2007. Bethany Owen takes a look at the zany and fun side of celebrity personalities through the use of comedic parody and vocal tributes to some of the worlds most legendary female superstars of our time. Bethany performs to packed audiences night after night with her celebrity voice impressions combined with supporting wigs, props and special effects to bring to life well over 50 superstars. She showcases performances from Cher, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Joan Rivers to super legends like Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland to some down home classic country legends like Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline and many more. Bethany Owen was awarded the Best Female Voice Impressionist in 2006 by the IGCITA (International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators and Tribute Artists). This was the second year she has received the award. She is known as the “Woman of a 1001 Voices and Faces”. Her show “ONE VOICE” is a one of a kind event blending comedy, music and pure entertainment for all ages to enjoy. The event begins at 8:00 PM and doors to the OC Pavilion and Ambrosia Restaurant open at 5:00 PM. Dinner reservations are highly recommended. The OC Pavilion is home to an intimate 529 person capacity theatre and the 5-star, world class restaurant Ambrosia. The Vault VIP Lounge is open before and after each theatre performance, offering appetizers, drinks and desserts featuring a live jazz trio. The Vault VIP Lounge, formerly a bank vault, retains its authenticity by keeping the original vault doors while incorporating the feel of an upscale lounge with custom leather seating and hightop pedestal tables. ### About the OC Pavilion – From chandeliers to exquisite hand painted murals, the OC Pavilion is the most intimate and exclusive performing arts theater and restaurant complex in Orange County, California. Located in historic downtown Santa Ana “the Golden City”, our beautifully appointed theater with a capacity of only 528 seats assures you of an exceptional close up view of any event. With our state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems and a myriad of high-resolution video screens, we are quickly becoming known as Orange County’s own "jewel box". The theatre features various musical and theatrical events and is available for private leasing. For more information, contact 714-550-0880. About Bethany Owen Bethany Owen, known as the “Woman of 1001 Voices and Faces”, tours around the country with her one-woman theatrical stage production show entitled “ONE VOICE”. Bethany Owen takes a look at the zany and fun side of celebrity personalities through the use of comedic parody and vocal tributes to some of the worlds most legendary female superstars of our time. For more information on Bethany Owen, visit High-resolution images are available by contacting Jamie Pastor at 714-550-0880, ext. 229 or by email at Contact Information Angie Moretti OC Pavilion Email OC Pavilion 714-550-0550

Bethany Owen receives for the second time the top award as the “Best Female Celebrity Voice Impressionist” for 2006 among her peers. - August 20, 2006

Atalnta, GA.

Celebrity singing and voice impressionist, Bethany Owen, known as the “Woman of a 1001 Voices and Faces” recently received notice along with her Manager and show Producer / Director, Jim Whirlow, that she was recognized and received for the second time internationally, the “Best Female Voice Impressionist” in 2006 by the IGCITA (International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators and Tribute Artists). Ms. Owen also took this same category in 2005 which was presented to her at the Stardust casino in Las Vegas, NV.

The 2006 Cloney awards is voted on by IGCITA guild members through well over hundreds of professional performers, agents and producers from across the US, Canada and Europe.

To receive this award Ms. Owen first needed to be nominated by her peers for her individual talent, promotion and performance abilities to mimic the human voice under the female impressionist category.

Then once on the ballot, she needed to take the majority vote of the IGCITA guild membership to win this category.

In her free time, Owen resides and relaxes near the ocean’s edge in the charming Southern California beach community known as Huntington Beach, which she calls home when not touring her one-woman show titled “One Voice” across the country.

For more IGCITA guild information contact:
Fil Jessee Specialty Casting
5564 Ridgemoor Drive, First Floor, Braselton, GA 30517 USA (770) 965-4259

10 shows…19 days…100 degree heat…3300 road miles and 5000 air miles under her wing! - July 30, 2006

Celebrity Voice Impressionist, Bethany Owen, returns from touring her one-woman theatrical stage production show titled “ONE VOICE” from Disneyworld, to the deserts of Nevada, to the mountain pines of the upper Northwest, to the Southern bayou country of Louisiana.

Huntington Beach, CA. July 28, 2006: Celebrity singing voice impressionist, Bethany Owen, known as the “Woman of a 1001 Voices and Faces”, recently returned back to LA from a very successful 17 day performance road tour of her
90-minute, one-woman, musical and comedy voice impressions production show.

Owen amazed audiences with her incredible talent to mimic the human voice in speech and singing style, which was recognized over and over again each night by the hundreds in attendance for each performance through their constant standing ovations during the tribute to “Judy Garland”, the finale’ of the show – Garland is just one of the 40 speaking or singing voice impressions that Owen performs each night for her audiences. The tour not only covered 3330 miles but also covered a wide range of venues and corporate events which ran from 250 to 500 seat casino theater cabaret / showrooms, to as much as 1000 to 1500 seat grand ballroom and auditoriums.

Owen’s tour is produced by her Manager and Show Director / Producer, Jim Whirlow, but special thanks also goes out to these other people and organizations who gave us the opportunity to bring the show to their audiences and venues, they are…
ECI, Woodland Hills, CA. – Diane Russomanno…Eureka Casino, Mesquite, NV. – Debbie Bibby & Ian Hammer…Northern Lights Casino, Anacortes, WA. – Mindy Walton…Red Wind Casino, Olympia, WA. - Brad Jenkins…Coca-Cola Enterprises, New Orleans, LA. – Jay Ceravolo.

Owen receives national award - August 11, 2005

Las Vegas, NV. - on Tuesday August 9, 2005 at the Stardust Hotel and Casino, Impressionist, Bethany Owen was awarded and recognized for her outstanding talent as a celebrity voice impressionist and her work in her one-woman show at a gala IGCITA black tie event.

The award for "Best Female Voice Impressionist" for the year 2005 was presented to Ms. Owen on-stage in front of more than 400 of her peers in attendence from performers, producers and agents from across the US, Canada and Europe.

The award gala is hosted by the International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators and Tribute Artists (IGCITA), Founder / President, Fil Jessee.

Owen Award Nomination - July 10, 2005

Bethany Owen has been nominated as a 2005 Cloney Awards finalist for "Best Female Celebrity Impressionist" under the INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF CELEBRITY IMPERSONATORS

The Cloney Awards dinner & ceremony will be held on Tuesday night, August 9 at The Stardust Casino, Las Vegas NV,

Bethany Owen to share a voice for World Relief - April 18, 2005

Nashville, TN., Stan Moore, Owner / Producer at MP Films, Inc. has contracted voice impressionist, Bethany Owen to create and mimic a series of international female voices for his latest Christian video/film project. Moore needed some adult Asiatic and Middle Eastern sounding women’s voices and a young 12 year old child's voice from Cambodia for sound bite voice-overs that were not readily available in his production area to record.

World Relief is the story of heroic men and women from around the world extending the helping hands of Christian hope to hundreds of thousands of people in need.

It is the story and the heart of the church at work providing comfort to the world’s poor and suffering.

It is also the story for all those people who help "World Relief" keep hope alive for all races around the world.

MP Films, Inc. is producing this fund raising film project directly for the 'World Relief" ministry. See more at... or more on MP Films, Inc. at

Las Vegas Sun Showroom Column - March 25, 2005

Written by: Entertainment Columnist Jerry Fink

Hearing Voices:
Impressionist/vocalist/comedian Bethany Owen gave a memorable performance at the Stardust on Friday night, demonstrating her skill of mimicking dozens of celebrities.

Owen, based in Los Angeles, tours the country performing at clubs and corporate events.

She would be a welcome addition to the Vegas entertainment scene -- Owen has great comedic timing, a fine singing voice and most of her impressions are dead on.

Her Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Lena Horn, Peggy Lee, Fran Drescher and Marilyn Monroe numbers were especially intriguing.

Owen shares the stage with dozens of wigs and costumes, which she changes into in front of the audience.

Among her funniest numbers is a Martha Stewart version of "Jailhouse Rock," and the voices of the mothers of celebrities such as Jackie Mason and Andy Rooney.

Jerry Fink's showroom column appears on Fridays. Reach him at at (702) 259-4058.

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