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BethanyOwen: Press/Reviews

Bethany Owen made quite an impression

Show run concludes with child-friendly ‘Christmas Country Style,' performed at the Horizon through Tuesday

Tim Parsons

Here I go: Bethany Owen appears as Dolly Parton, above, and many others in "Christmas Country Style" nightly through Tuesday, Dec. 27.

If you go

What: Christmas Country Style, a musical holiday tribute to Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash with special guests Minnie Pearl, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton
Starring: Alan Dryman, Bethany Owen, Robert Maloon, Rod Rodriguez, Steve Ashmore
When: 8 p.m. Dec. 22-27
Where: Horizon Casino Resort Golden Cabaret
Tickets: $34 - Adult General Admission; $25 - Senior (65+); $19 - Teens 13-19; Child - 12 under (free with one paid adult); Groups - $17 (10+)
Locals' discount available with ID

When a bounding adult bear nearly stomped on her foot, Bethany Owen did what comes naturally after many years in show business: she improvised.

“I was walking down a trail by Camp Richardson and it crossed the path in front of me like a bolt of lightning,” said Owen, who during her daily visit to the lake elected to change course and take an alternate route back to her car.

Owen has improvised for 17 months on the stage of the Golden Cabaret in the Horizon Casino Resort. Her comedic skills are clever jabs between dead-on impressions of the singers she tributes. The woman with “1,001 voices” since Mother's Day 2010 starred in “One Voice,” perfectly replicating tunes note for note by artists such as Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday and Cher. She even sewed the outfits she wears to look just like the originals.

There have been other productions in the Golden Cabaret as well, including the family-friendly “Christmas Country Style,” which on Tuesday, Dec. 27, ends Owen's extended run at the venue.

After a recent show, Owen was dressed as, and looked like, June Carter Cash. But when she talked about leaving Tahoe, her eyes revealed herself as Bethany Owen, and she fought back tears.

“It is bittersweet because the lake is the most beautiful in the whole world that I've ever seen,” she said. “Not having that view that I go to see every day is something I'm really gonna miss, and of course all the people. Everybody has been so kind and generous to us. It's been a long run, and I'm really grateful for the run, but it's sad to leave.”

That's show business.

Owen and her husband and producer, Jim Whirlow, return to their house in Huntington Beach early next month, where they will take a break before moving on to another location. Maybe Laughlin, Nev., Branson, Mo., or some other tourist-destination city.

During the extended Tahoe engagement, Whirlow steadily added lights, amps and various stage accouterments to the showroom, driving items up from Southern California in an SUV. Transporting them back is another story.

“Just the Dolly (Parton) boobs alone, we need a U-Haul,” Owen laughed.

The façades of an old West town were designed by Whirlow on a computer and created in Los Angeles. Don't brush up against the cardboard, Alan Dryman warned, or the bank, the saloon and Lilly's Hotel will all come crashing down.

Dryman is the star of “Christmas Country Style.” He opens with holiday-themed songs by Willie Nelson, Charlie Pride, Merle Haggard and Ray Price before Owen appears as Parton, Reba McEntire and — how's this for a change? — Bethany Owen. The show ends with Dryman portraying Johnny Cash and Owen as June Carter Cash.

Owen and Dryman have shared stages at various shows all over the country, and Whirlow said it's appropriate they are together this final week.

“It's a good way to go out, with friends and family,” he said.

Golden Cabaret maître d' Robert Maloon, Whirlow discovered early on, is a deft dancer. After showing people to their seats this last year and a half during the production of “One Voice,” Maloon would transform into Fred Astaire and join Owen as Judy Garland on the stage for “A Couple of Swells.”

Maloon this week plays the “Toy Soldier” made famous by Arthur Duncan on “The Lawrence Welk Show.” His nimble knees look like rubber as he furiously tap dances and springs into the air with a bell kick.

“I've been here four and a half years and I've never seen a prettier designed set,” said Maloon, who will remain employed at the showroom as the doorman for the next regular act. “Illusion Fusion,” a nightly magic show starring Alex Ramon, starts Jan. 11.

In addition to “One Voice” and the Christmas show, Whirlow produced events featuring comedy, the nuevo flamenco duo Martin and Vargas, a hypnotist, two Elvis tributes, salsa dance lessons and puppet shows in both the showroom and the Horizon's arcade. He also opened a martini bar with a jazz pianist, started a wine tasting night and sponsored “Capt. Tom Conley's Blues Show” on KTHO Radio, 4-6 p.m. Saturdays.

“It's hard to leave because of all the relationships you build,” said Whirlow, who said the Tahoe show is the longest run for “One Voice” since it began in 2001. “It's always, I've got to start all over again.”

However, Owen's voice — a recording of it anyway — is expected to return to Tahoe on casino floors. Owen portrays Audrey Hepburn on IGT's new slot machine, “Breakfast at Tiffany's.” The Hepburn family approved Owen's impressions, and the machines have already debuted in Las Vegas.

“She is the best woman impressionist I have ever seen,” Dryman said. “To go from Dolly Parton to Marilyn Monroe, that's a pretty good jump.”

The feeling is mutual.

“Alan is the most talented voice artist that I've ever worked with,” Owen said. “His own natural speaking voice is so beautiful, so resonant and rich. It's rare in your career that you can find somebody you are compatible with who has been basically given the same gift.”

“Christmas Country Style” will be presented at 8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 22, through Tuesday, Dec. 27. Children 12 and younger are free to attend.

Dryman, who looks and sounds so much like “the man in black” that people stop him in stores and restaurants, said he doesn't mind the traveling part of show business.

“I prefer to do the show and ‘git,' ” he said. “Set it up and tear it down. But when you make a lot of friends, it's tough. With Bethany, she made this her home for 18 months.”

Owen may be moving away but she will always be remembered as a Tahoean, a title that comes with making lifelong friendships and having a face-to-face encounter with a galloping bear.



Dateline South Lake Tahoe: Bethany Owen Masters 1001 Voices

South Lake Tahoe is a small and close-knit community, laid back and tourist-oriented.  It's a scenic 3 ½ hour drive from the Bay Area - as long as the roads are clear - but it's worlds apart.  Here you'll find a pine-rimmed majestic mountain lake, snow-capped Sierras for ski buffs, and high-rise casinos in a cluster at the Nevada state line.  Come inside these glitzy palaces, where, in the small lounges and intimate showrooms, you'll find hard-working and high-energy entertainers devoted to their craft.  These performers are fueled by the applause, the stage and the show's spotlight.  This is more than a career to them; it's a calling.

Bethany Owen with her "One Voice" headliner show is an example of a dedicated crowd-pleaser.  Owen has been earning her stripes for decades as a singer, dancer, and comedienne; she now demonstrates her formidable skills as an impressionist into a 90-minute nonstop show.  Owen does hilarious songbird interpretations of top female entertainers from the jazz age to today, with several non-singing icons thrown in for fun.  She masterfully mimics gestures, facial tics, hair, and vocal flexibility, giving her a resume of 1001 voices and faces.  

Director and Producer Jim Whirlow knows how to create audience buzz in this 90-minute nonstop package of entertainment.  The laser light show and surround sound music keep the showroom energy high while Owen does quick costume changes right onstage.  From Marilyn Monroe to Cher, Owen manipulates the crowd, snagging audience members to participate in her act with loads of laughter.  Owen delivers enthusiasm and an over-the-top measure of fun, no matter how many seats are filled - the hallmark of a true professional. 

There's no other act quite like Owen, combining comedy, song, and character changes.  Her Judy Garland "little hobo" finale, against a clever montage of old film clips, makes you grin as she is joined onstage by Robert, the house maître D.   It's music, it's laughter, and it's pure entertainment for all ages.  Playing at the intimate 150-seat Golden Cabaret Showroom at Horizons Casino Resort on Fridays through Tuesdays at 8 PM.  Call 800-683-8266 for reservations and schedule.  Tickets $17 to $34. 


(Oct 6, 2011)


Entering stage left, wreathed in red lights, the blonde bombshell seductively takes the stage at the Horizon Casino in the Golden Cabaret Showroom as Marilyn Monroe and breaks into "Diamonds Area Girl's Best Friend." Bethany Owen imbues Marilyn Monroe and hundreds of other notorious singers, comedians and celebrities —from Minnie Pearl to Shania Twain, Hillary Clinton to Sarah Palin and Katie Couric, Joan Rivers, Madonna and Cher —with a wit that's both slightly cutting and affectionate.

The Huntington Beach, CA-based impressionist has become the world's most prolific female in this male dominated field by combining spot on recreations of celebs' vocal tics and facial expressions with lyrics and humorous bits that cleverly spoof the originals' personas. Check the segment with Martha Stewart singing "Jailhouse Rock" for hilarious proof.

Owen's been playing her "One Voice" one-woman show—with crucial support through her husband / director / producer
Jim Whirlow — at the Horizon Casino Resort – Lake Tahoe since opening in May 2010, making it a 15 month run to date.

Over the past 8 years since the conception and premier opening of the show at the legendary Cinegrill Cabaret on Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA - “One Voice” has toured out of the Los Angeles area to some far off distance places such as Hawaii, Germany, Canuan Island in the South Caribbean, Aruba, India and everything in-between around the US and Canada. As an example, when not touring, Owen will do commercial LA voice-over TV and radio projects, specialty celebrity voices for companies like IGT in recording character voices for their newest electronic casino gaming slot machines, to voice-over work for shows like MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, their hit celebrity claymation TV show or live interview appearances on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But it's her stage show that most impressively demonstrates Owen's staggering range.
She typically inhabits 50 characters during a 90-minute performance, while doing all of her own costume and wig changes onstage. A whirlwind of musical theater, comedy and dance, "One Voice" is an impressive spectacle that appeals to many demographics. It's the culmination of this Orange County woman's indefatigable ambition to capture a unique niche in show business—a destiny she claims to have desired since she was 3.

A lithe, long-limbed redhead, Owen started taking ballet lessons at age 6 while living in Seattle. At 14, she studied under famed flamenco dancer José Greco and then entered the Orange County Ballet Theater in Fullerton at 15.

But at age 17 Owen was forced to forgo the rigors of serious dancing based on an injury, so she redirected her energies to music, joining a popular show band that often played in Las Vegas, who needed a choreographer and singer, then onto developing her unique talents to mimic the human voice.

But Owen hesitated to fully exploit her talent for mimicry. "I would try to make my living in other ways, but audiences liked it and ultimately I would get booked into places because I had this piece in my act where I would do these imitations," she says. "After awhile, I began to realize that this is what I'm here for.

This is something that not everybody can do, and people like it. So I'm going to give them what they like!”

Owen’s impressions are pegged on comedy, but the talent which is displayed is serious business.

And the crowd can sense it when Owen sings as Patsy Cline, Judy Garland or Loretta Lynne.

In her classic ankle-length Loretta-style country dress, Bethany Owen sings “Coal Miner’s Daughter” with an almost-eerie resemblance to the legendary country music queen.

This element of being able to capture the emotion in every character Owen brings to the stage is this reason for the on-going extension of ‘ONE VOICE” at the Horizon Casino Resort.

So catch this two-time winner for “Best Female Voice Impressionist” – Las Vegas NV, in her award winning, one-woman show "ONE VOICE" performing at the Horizon Casino Golden Cabaret Showroom and take a look at the zany and fun side of celebrity personalities through the use of comedic parody and musical vocal tributes to some of the world's most legendary female superstars of our time - and with almost 400 voice impressions in Owen's roster, you'll never know who might show up next?

“ONE VOICE” starring Voice Impressionist, Bethany Owen performs every Friday through Tuesday at 8p.m. in the Golden Cabaret Showroom inside the Horizon Casino Resort.

General $34 / Teen $17

*Senior and Group discounts
Reprinted from Lake Tahoe Entertainer - (2011)
By Tim Parsons, Editor & Lake Tahoe ACTION Journal
Nov. 4, 2010

‘ONE VOICE’ leads to another for Bethany Owen

Watching cartoons with her little brother made quite an impression on Bethany Owen.

The star of the nightly show at the Horizon Casino Resort, “One Voice,” said her brother used to imitate voices he heard on television. She later learned she has the same ability.

Owen sings and does standup and improvisational comedy in costumes with the voices of celebrities like Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Marilyn Monroe, Anita O’Day and Lena Horne.

“One Voice” is performed at 8 p.m. Friday through Tuesday in the Golden Cabaret.

Owen began her entertainment career as a dancer. She later did choreography and sang with a show band, and the older members of the band gave her a hard time.

“They taunted me and said ‘If you could sing like Diana Ross of Barbra Streisand than we would think more highly of you,’” she said. “So I would come out and sing exactly like them because nobody told me don’t do that. I was sort of looking for approval in an odd sort of way.”

The show added a television segment, and Owen was given the task of singing the “All in the Family” theme song.

“Edith came real natural to me,” Owen said. “In a way I was sort of imitating my own mother. So I nailed it. That’s when I realized I had the ability to do comedy.”

Owen’s producer encouraged her to do more impressions, the next being Cher. She had a memorable performance in a Wendover casino.

“I sang the song ‘Half Breed’ in a very skimpy outfit,” she said. “It was the greatest thrill of my life. All the cowboys jumped up on the tables and started slinging their hats, screaming at the top of their lungs in approval of my Cher impression.”

Owen and her husband Jim Whirlow, who produces “One Voice,” live in Southern California but have put the Hollywood career on hold since May when the show began its Tahoe run. It will continue at least through New Year’s Day. Owen has appeared in movies and music videos, often as Marilyn Monroe. Her voice is used at Dolly Parton and Bette Midler concerts, and she recorded a Lady Gaga song for a lip-synching cast member of Carnival Cabaret, which has played at the Horizon the past couple of years.

Carnival Cabaret likely will return in January.

Owen has two CDs available at her show, “Bethany Owen tributes Legendary Women of Jazz,” and “Bethany Owen Country Cousin,” the later of which she appears on the cover as Minnie Pearl.

“I have an affinity for all the characters that I do or I wouldn’t do them in the first place,” she said. “I feel each one of my girls is a part of me. They trigger something within myself that excites me.

Shania (Twain) is a pretty good singer and Patsy Cline’s a great singer, and it’s an honor have people tell me they really like an impression.”
January 2009 Vol. 35 Issue 1
By Sam Kindrick

One-woman show:

Tra Coggin treated her
live country music patrons
at Tra's Country to a real
change of pace last month
with the appearance of
Bethany Owen, award-winning
Vegas show woman and probably
the greatest female voice
impressionist in the world.

How Tra pulled this one
off remains a mystery, but
there wasn't a man or woman
in the audience who wasn't wowed
by Bethany's incredible talent.

Switching wigs and costumes on
stage and right in front
of her audience,
Ms. Owen kept everyone in stitches with a
combination of singing, voice impressions,
and stand-up comedy which rates with the biggest
names in show business.

Starring in her production
called “One Voice,” a one-woman show, Owen demonstrated why she is a two-time winner in Las Vegas for “best female voice impressionist.”

Sexy, salty, and sharp of
tougue, Bethany Owen
dragged one blushing male
patron after another out of
the Tra's audience, and before she was done,
the big country music dance hall was literally rocking with laughter.

She did hilarious impersonations
of everyone from
Marilyn Monroe to
Martha Stewart,
and her running
line of one-liners was too swift for many to follow.

“My face is a lot like the
roads here in San Antonio,”
she said. “Always under construction.”

Before her Tina Turner
Impersonation, Owen said,
“Tina is so hot she has to
wear a smoke detector between her thighs.”

Wearing the black,
bushy, and godawful
ugly wig she used in her Cher impersonation,
Owen told her brand new fans:

“The good news is that
this is not my real hair. The
bad news is that these really are my own boobs.”

Then, staring down at
the modest bumps on her
chest, she mused:

“Oh, shit. They really are

On the serious side,
Dolly Parton said of this world-class show woman:

“Bethany does my voice better than I do my own.”

Now Tra will have to figure out how to get
Owen back to San Antonio for another show at Tra's Country.

by Johnny Meza, Desert Entertainer

Impressionist, vocalist, dancer and actor Bethany Owen fondly recalls her father and brother having the acute ability to mimic voices, unaware that one day she would be crowned the “Best Female Voice Impressionist” two years in a row in Las Vegas.

She is billed as “The Woman of 1001 Voices and Faces.” You'll be amazed by her spot-on impersonations of Cher, Madonna, Tina Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minelli, Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Joan Rivers, Minnie Pearl, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, Martha Stewart, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears or basically almost any female entertainer from the forties to the present.

Add original comedy material, costume changes, facial expressions and a voice that captures every nuance of the personality she's imitating to the equation and you see why the real Dolly Parton exclaimed, “Bethany does my voice better than I do my own!”

Born in Wichita, Kan., Owen grew up in Seattle and later moved to Atlanta at the age of 11 with her family, eventually ending up in Huntington Beach.

She was trained at an early age in ballet and flamenco, but a promising career in dance was suddenly halted when she came down with a virus at the age of 17.

“It was a whole of year of dealing with doctors giving me the wrong medication,” said Owen. “I missed out on a lot of opportunities, so it was not the best time for me.”

Redirecting her energy and focus to the stage during her high school years, she performed in community theater and Civic Light Opera, winning several awards along the way.

“My first professional job was dancing at Disneyland for Fantasy on Parade as Mary Poppins. I played that role for four years until they made me a dancing Hibiscus. I was carrying a 40-pound flower over my neck and I fell over while marching on Main Street!” she laughed. “I knew it was time for a change.”

Given a three-month ultimatum from her father to make it in showbiz or find a “normal” job, Owen auditioned for a touring show band in L.A. “They needed a choreographer that could sing backup. I got the gig and that's when I really began to learn how to sing.”

The band, Full Moon, began touring the showroom circuit throughout the country, including an extended booking in the lounge at the Union Plaza in Las Vegas.

“We had a manager who would oversee the direction of the shows and he decided we should put together a TV segment. Edith Bunker was the first impression I did and it went over really well.

“The band would constantly razz me. They would put an album in front of me and say, ‘If you could sing like Diana Ross or Barbra Streisand then we'd have a higher opinion of you.'

“That's what I did. I actually sat down and phonetically figured out what they were singing. I started developing more voices so our manager decided I should be out front and center.”

She's one of the leading female animation voice-over artists and has appeared on Larry King Live, Mad TV, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Brian DiPalma's “Body Double” as Norma Desmond.

Currently touring nationally in her one woman show co-created and directed by Jim Whirlow of JRW Group Entertainment, Owen's act at CopyKatz is a must see, but you better hurry. She's only here for three weeks and then she's back on the road, all 1001 of her.

Genre: Comedy & Vocal Impressions

Contact info: JRW Group Entertainment (714) 968-7907

For the Entertainer Spotlight email Johnny Meza at:
Rodeo City show promises to bring back memories.


Contributor Clara Walker’s Rodeo City Music Hall will proudly present the talented Bethany
Owen and Alan Dryman in “The Orange Blossom Special: A Tribute to the Grand Ole Opry” Friday, March 16. The show will begin at 7:30 p.m.

The duo will star as Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash, and many other performers are scheduled to appear.

Dryman mesmerizes audiences with his genius impersonations. His rendition of Johnny Cash, with his lopsided, gleaming grin, is convincing. Then he glides into a rendition of George Jones, the cowboy with a tortured soul. He can then transition into the passionate charm of Tom Jones or the surging velvet voice of The King, Elvis Presley.

He is a vocal magician who unveils upbeat, singing portraits of some of the most ageless and enduring songsters of our era. Dryman lights the stage with a fun-filled musical odyssey, including sentimental ballads, country headliners and the perfect love songs. When he smiles, it is almost impossible not to smile with him.

Also performing is Bethany Owen, a tall, svelte young lady who has the chameleon like ability to imitate top entertainers both dramatically and

In her current “One Voice” tour, she
flawlessly reproduces dozens of both male and female stars with dead-on accuracy.

Because she is tuned into today’s show business scene as well as yesterday’s, Owen is able to entertain teenagers, show-hip conventioneers and senior citizens. Her humor is crisp and topical, her impressions letter-perfect and her singing impeccable.

Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door.

Rodeo City Music Hall is located at 214 W. Davis in Mesquite.

Cliff Walker handles publicity for Rodeo City Music Hall.
Cliff Walker - Dallas Morning News - Mesquite (Mar 9, 2007)

In show business, the most delightfully schizophrenic entertainer is the voice mimic, the highly gifted performer who, with nothing more than a good ear, a flexible voice and a lot of body language can create a cast of thousands all by themselves. The names Frank Gorshin and Rich Little come immediately to mind.

Sometimes these performers reach such a level of skill that they are honored, not only by the public, but by their peers as well.

This year, the title of Vocal Mimic of the Year was bestowed by them on Bethany Owen in a ceremony in Las Vegas.

Ms. Owen, a tall, svelte young lady, has the chameleon-like ability to imitate top entertainers both dramatically and musically. In her current "One Voice" tour, she flawlessly reproduces dozens of beloved stars (female and male) of the past and present, with dead-on accuracy. Because she is tuned into today's show business scene as well as yesterday, she is able to entertain audiences as diverse as teenagers, show-hip conventioneers and senior citizens. Her humor is crisp and topical, her impressions letter perfect and her singing impeccable.

In the performances I saw, armed with dozens of wigs and multiple costume changes, she attacked characters as different as Marilyn Monroe (sexy and funny), Minnie Pearl (cornball and cute), Cher (devastating) and Dolly Parton ( a massive double feature.), Sandra Bernhardt, Doctor Ruth and many more. She does a particularly clever bit about the mothers of Rodney Dangerfield, Jackie Mason and Arnold Schwarzenegger reading "The Tortoise and the Hare" to their children.

But it is in the area of musical impressions that she truly shines. In one segment, she jams and jams in many of the great ladies of Jazz; "sassy" Sarah Vaughan, Anita O'Day, Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald and a thrillingly authentic Lena Horne.

She closes with a moving tribute to Liza Minelli and Judy Garland.

The darling of the corporate sales meeting circuit, Ms. Own is ideal for condo and organization shows, where you want to get the most for your entertainment dollar. If you have that "Special Show" in the offing, Bethany Owen is an ideal bet.

She can be contacted locally through Billie Wells at (954) 321-8883 or JRW Entertainment Group (Jim Whirlow) at (714) 968-7907 or

Jerry Layton writes his entertainment article titled "Curtain Call" for "AroundTown", a bi-monthly newspaper publication distributed in Broward and South Palm Beach County, Florida.

E-mail: "Curtain Call" at in care of Jerry Layton, Theatre Critic.

Newport, OR., "Ripley's Believe It or Not" museum in Newport, Oregon have contracted voice Impressionist, Bethany Owen to create and portray selected celebrity voices to update an existing entertainment attraction within the museum. Neal Henning, Project Manager for Ripley's, is excited to have Owen as the chosen voice impressionist to update this attraction with newer voices such as Paula Abdul, Sharon Osbourne and Marge, Bart and Homer Simpson. These newer voice impressions will update the current voices of Dean Martin, Carol Channing and Liberacre in the attraction currently.

Jim Whirlow, Director / Producer for JRW Group Entertainment is hired on as well to direct and produce the finished audio masters for Ripley's in Los Angeles at Pool
Party Records.

JRW Group Entertainment, March 27, 2005

Los Angeles, CA., Howard Koby, international photographer to have Mary Magdalene image of Bethany Owen, model, chosen as one of his latest award winning photographs to be published in the new photo images book, "INCREDIBLE EYES",
Published by TCB-Cafe Publishing, SF.

INCREDIBLE EYES is also an exhibition of international photography with images featured in the book of the same name due for release in April 2005.

The photographers each bring a unique and personal interpretation to the question of what makes eyes fascinating, expressive, and the windows to the soul.

This coffee table book will be on the shelves of many major bookstores in late April.

Places that have ordered copies in the U.S. include Borders, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Museum Store, Tower Records & Books, Cody's, Shakespeare & Company (NYC), etc.

See book sample online at:
Bethany Owen on page 31

Opening Reception and Book Release Party on Thursday, March 31, 2005 at 7 pm until 12 am at the Canvas Gallery, San Francisco

tcb-cafe publishing & media san francisco

See the Howard Koby, Mary Magdalene photo image on this site in the Photo Gallery.

JRW Group Entertainment, March 25, 2005

Huntington Beach, CA., Bethany Owen and Jim Whirlow, show director / producer recently completed a 7,500 mile Southern route round trip road tour from Los Angeles to Miami, covering six states along the way with their one-woman production stage show titled 'One Voice".

The show played to audiences in the corporate, theater, cabaret and entertainment club markets.

There were many great experiences and people they worked with and met, but some highlights included pre-show performance for nationally known Nashville country artists, Brooks and Dunn at the Gaylord Resort in Dallas, TX., the Georgie's Alibi crowd in Wilton Manors, FL., the American Cancer Society Fundraiser together with the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival Society in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and completing the 6 week US tour at the Stardust Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

Owen and Whirlow are back at home in Los Angeles area gearing up for what they hope to be a very busy summer production schedule.
JRW Group Entertainment, March 19, 2005 (Mar 28, 2005)

Tarzana, CA., Education Comics inc., Diane Russomanno, Creator and Executive Producer has chosen Bethany Owen to be the lead female animated character voice impressionist for their
new children's animation feature film and DVD project titled, "The Adventures of Scooter McDoogal".

Owen will play the lead female voice roll for the evil "Auntie Sphinx" the magical villainous creature who combines the look of a woman, a bat and a cat to create conflict for the lead character Scooter McDoogal. Along with her nephew Bratticus they try to regain control of a magical scooter given to Scooter McDoogal by mistake. So through this very entertaining and original story children learn english, history, science, math, space science and so much more in a fun and enjoyable way.

Owen will also represent ECI at national PR events and conventions as well as personal promotional appearances in character around the country as Auntie Sphinx.

JRW Group Entertainment January 5, 2005

Hollywood, CA. Bethany Owen, celebrity voice impressionist has been hired to record a series of voice impressions for the latest wave of electronic answering machines, down loadable cell phone ring tones and GPS in car navigational instruments. So the next time your lost and ring your GPS system or waiting for an answering machine pick-up response the voice on the other side that sounds like, Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Fran Drescher, Sharon Osbourne or even Edith Bunker could be really Bethany Owen.
JRW Group Entertainment, November 15, 2004 (Jan 28, 2005)

Bethany Owen records five new parody song titles for Dolly Parton’s new 2004 theatrical stage show.

Huntington Beach, CA., Celebrity singing voice impressionist, Bethany Owen, known as the “Woman of a 1001 Voices and Faces” recently returned from Nashville, TN. along with her Manager - Producer, Jim Whirlow where she recorded five new songs for legendary country artist and producer Dolly Parton. The session took place at 2 Monkeys Studios in Nashville, TN. where Parton had recorded her most recent 2003 CD title ”For God and Country”. Owen was contacted by Parton’s office to come to Nashville and bring her extraordinary talents as a female singing voice impressionist to Dolly’s new recording project. Owen tracked five lyrical comedy song titles portraying artists like Barbra Streisand, Cher, Michael Jackson, Melissa Etheridge and Diana Ross. These tracks, once completed, will be placed within the show line-up and performed by Parton as part of a musical comedy section incorporating Owen’s vocal tracks. The new Dolly Parton theatrical production stage show is due to start touring in the Fall of 2004 and is targeting the casino and corporate markets.

* See pictures on Photo Gallery page

JRW Group Entertainment April 2, 2004: